Politics / Sport

A Media Message

In the words of Sam Cooke:
“I don’t know much about history, don’t know much biology”, but what I do know is the media and sports. And quite frankly the two do not mix.

I’m not humourously bantering about the infantile tweets of professional sports people, or the media pseudo-events surrounding racism in football. I’m talking of the physical form of written content, it’s current state of delivering the content and the way writers portray sport.

You have to delve deep into the world of magazine publishing to discover the real opinions and sharp analytical guise given out by a select few sports writers. Other than these few geeks, who I imagine are typing away at their typewriters whilst drinking tea with a consummate supply of garipaldi’s, there is little in the way of incisive, discussion enhancing writing being done. Towards the other end of the scale their are the suits, working for the media corporations, having meetings with their CEO discussing word for word what should be written in their column. A bourgeoise writer, writing a piece constructed by someone else, for a publication that probably doesn’t care about sport.

But of course this is the same in other areas of journalism. Political journalists simply relay a message. Political columnists expand on this message. And people’s opinion of politics is at an all-time low because of it.

This is where blogs excel.

I can say whatever I like on this blog. Yes it could be libel. And a lot of what I’ve written in the past probably is. But my audience for this blog is so minimal that it hardly matters.

But what if there are 100,000 bloggers that all come to the conclusion that John Terry should never play for England again, or that the Tour de France should be wiped from the cycling calendar, or that Ed Miliband has a face for radio and the voice of a constipated donkey. And let’s say each blog gets read by 50 people (let’s not be too ambitious), that’s 5 million people that have that idea planted in their mind. That’s a much greater audience than any respectable and worthy newspaper printed in the UK to date.

So something to think about. Maybe newspapers and magazines should be harnessing the power of bloggers, as long as they don’t weaken the opinions and views of the flourishing bunch of bloggers currently posting online.


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